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CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role

Picture of Golnaz Moaddeli
CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role
by Golnaz Moaddeli Send a message - 22 Feb 2022, 11:00 PM

I am looking for a study partner for day 2&3 assurance role. 
I am locate at Toronto 
Please email me at
Picture of Benjamin Lucas
Re: CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role
by Benjamin Lucas Send a message - 8 Nov 2022, 2:25 AM

Accountants' job is to verify the information that large companies publish. - They verify that the information is correct and assure (or reassure) that what the company says is true publix passport

Picture of Madelyn Wilson
Re: CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role
by Madelyn Wilson Send a message - 18 Nov 2022, 2:00 AM
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Picture of Anisah Sheikh
Re: CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role
by Anisah Sheikh Send a message - 25 Apr 2023, 5:04 AM
I can be your study partner if you want. I am a literature student and a part time writer providing ghostwriting assistance. My exams are coming up and I am also looking for someone who will help me with my study schedule and give me company while studying.
Picture of Tyler Elliott
Re: CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role
by Tyler Elliott Send a message - 16 Oct 2023, 11:00 AM
Picture of Nigel Copeland
Re: CFE Sept 2022 - Assurance Role
by Nigel Copeland Send a message - 19 Oct 2023, 11:01 AM
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