CPA PEP 101 - Core 1, Core 2, Electives + 2023 CFE

Webinar explaining the basics of Core Modules, Electives, Challenge Exams and the CFE

PrepFormula hosted a live information session on the CPA Professional Education Program

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Webinar Summary and Content Coverage

The session introduces CPA Candidates to CPA Core and Elective Modules, Regardless of Whether You Pick The Challenge or Accelerated Route and the 2023 CFE and will explain what is tested on each exam. 

The session will:

  • Provide you with details relating to each exam, including key dates and the structure of the exam.
  • Provide you with useful tools and tricks on how to prepare for each exam, including what it takes to pass the each exam.
  • Provide with you the basics of how each exam is marked and what to do in the event of an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Provide specific guidance for CPA Candidates and CPA Student along with Legacy CA, CGA and CMA candidates.

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