PrepFormula's Efficient Learning Approach (RODAC)

Webinar explaining how to debrief CPA Canada Core, Elective and CFE Mock Exams

PrepFormula explores the value of supplementary prep on the Canadian Professional Accounting Exams

Watch Now: How to read and plan a Professional Education Program Core, Elective or CFE Case in Under 30 Minutes

CPA Core 1 to 2022 CFE Case Writing Webinar:

Have you always wondered why your written responses on the CPA Core Modules, Electives and CFE Cases seemed to lack depth? Here's how you will learn by working with a PrepFormula CPA Marker:

  • Key writing tips and tricks to maximize all marks.
  • Discuss the definition of depth and breadth.
  • Discuss the difference between Competence (C) and Competence with Distinction (CD).
  • Discuss appropriate formats to write all Competency Areas (such as: Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Assurance, Finance, Taxation, and Governance).
  • Discuss a way to attack a case. Remember, the CFE is a game! You have to learn the rules to succeed.
Download the Sample Case (Comedy Hour Inc.) Here. 
Read it, plan it, review it and then watch our below!

Learn the Glossary of Terms:

General Terminology:

  • R1, R2, etc = Assessment Opportunity/Required/Indicator (separate testable topic area)
  • Role = your role in the case

Exam Specific Terminology:

  • A = Assurance/Audit
  • FR = Financial Reporting
  • F = Finance
  • T = Taxation
  • MA = Management Accounting
  • G = Governance

Now Watch the Live Debrief of Comedy Hour Inc. CFE Mock Exam

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