May 2020 Capstone 1 case

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May 2020 Capstone 1 case
by Aasma Azeem Send a message - 24 Jan 2020, 1:53 PM


I am a repeat writer for May 2020 CFE. I am looking for Capstone 1 new case offered from jan 25, 2020 for May 2020 exam. I have not registered for Capstone 1 and waiting to register for CFE starting Feb 01. Can anyone on this forum who has signed up for Capstone 1 please share the case.


Aasma Azeem

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Re: May 2020 Capstone 1 case
by Rachel Ye Send a message - 6 May 2020, 1:05 PM

I am rewriting in Sep 2020, could I please have a copy as well?