Core 1 Exam

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Core 1 Exam
by Pradnya Karambelkar Send a message - 30 Jun 2019, 6:13 PM


I have done core 1 exam last summer, and was redoing this summer, since last summer there were ebooks but this summer they have introduced knotia - online ebooks, I'm not sure if the table of contents we followed in the past is the same or changed. Some of the content is changed. Although, if the reading material is same or if there are new addition.

If there is someone enrolled in core 1 this summer could you share with me the table of content. Please contact me on

Many thanks,

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Re: Core 1 Exam
by Mak Alonge Send a message - 29 Jul 2019, 2:55 AM

I am writing this Sept Core I also.

Please are you able to get any new update on the table of content. I will appreciate if you can share with me as well .

Thank you