IFRS 15 Ques

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IFRS 15 Ques
by Carissa Fernandes Send a message - 9 Sep 2018, 5:23 PM
Question: A company entered into a contract on 1 January 20X5 to build a factory. The total contract revenue was $2.8 million. At 31 December 20X5 the contract was certified as 35% complete. Costs incurred during the year were $740,000 and costs to complete are estimated at $1.4 million. $700,000 has been billed to the customer but not yet paid.

Any one know how to record the JEs ?
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Re: IFRS 15 Ques
by Amardeep Atwal Send a message - 9 Sep 2018, 6:15 PM

Contract value  = $2,800,000

Cost to Complete Contract = $2,140,000 (1.4M+0.74M)

Contact Completed Rate = 35%

Method used is Percentage of Completion 

So, Company can recognize the revenue of $980,000  (related cost is 740,000)  [ 2.8M X35%)

Billed to Customer to date  = $700,000   (Assuming this amount is already booked in revenue the cost incurred is already accounted for 740K)

Additional revenue can be booked using below entry:

Accounts Receivable  Dr     $280,000

Revenue                              CR     $280,000

Entry already booked (Assumed)

Accounts Receivable   DR  700,000

Revenue                                   CR  700,000

COGS                          DR 740,000

Construction Inventory               CR 740,000

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Re: IFRS 15 Ques
by James Finkbeiner Send a message - 9 Sep 2018, 6:24 PM

$2,800,000 * 35% = $980,000

Cr Contract Revenue                  $980,000
Dr AR                           $980,000

To record revenue earned to date. $700,000 was billed but not yet received, so it will be credited to AR with a corresponding debit to cash when received. 

I believe that's the answer, depending on whether the $700,000 billed to the customer was actually entered as a revenue/receivable yet. If it has, then the answer would change to the same AJE, except as $280,000 ($980,000 - 700,000). The wording is a little bit confusing. 

The question is also not clear about whether the costs incurred have been recorded or not, but I assume they have been since they've been "incurred" and would have to have been adjusted through cash/inventory/salaries wages etc, so I wouldn't make any adjustment. I think it's simply to assure you that the contract is still profitable and that no losses are needed to be realized. ($740K + $1.4 million = $2.14 million, which is less than the contract amount). And $740K / $2.14 million = roughly 35%. 

Does that makes sense? 

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Re: IFRS 15 Ques
by Samuel Oyegbile Send a message - 11 Sep 2018, 12:41 AM


Dr: Construction in Progress(Asset)      740,000

   Cr: Cash (Expense)                                        740,000

Dr:Construction Expenses                     740,000

Dr:Construction in Progress                   231,000

    Cr:Construction in Revenue                           971,000

Note:Due to  35% being the maximum amount recognisable in the first year,(.35*660,000=2,800,000-2,140,000)it is not necessary to bill the full amount.Construction Revenue is a balancing amount.

My view.

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Re: IFRS 15 Ques
by Jessica D Send a message - 11 Sep 2018, 5:26 AM

My view.


Revenue will be recognized when performance obligations has been satisfied. Revenue will be recognized over-time or at a point in time.

In this case, revenue will be recognized over time 

DR    AR. 980,000.   (35% * 2.8 million)

CR.   Revenue.      980,000

For the cost

DR.    Cost of sale.   740,000

CR.     Inventory.      740,000

Note: No JE for the invoice until when it's receive.

When the amount invoiced is received, which is 700,000 in this case

DR cash.  700,000

CR  AR.     700,00

I hope that helps 

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Re: IFRS 15 Ques
by Preet Minhas Send a message - 25 Sep 2018, 8:30 PM

My Views

For Year 2015

Contract in Process      740,000

Contract Payable                              740,000

Contract Receivables   700,000

Progress Billing                                700,000

Total Estimated Profit = $2.8 M - $1.4M = $1.4M

Gross Profit in 2015 = 35% x 1,400,000 = $490,000


 Contract in Process   490,000

Contract Expenses     740,000

Contract Revenue                           1,230,000