2020 CFE - 2 of 2 Guide To Passing

Writing the 2020 May or September CFE? Join us during this important webinar to discuss the 2019 CFE results, along what to do if you were unsuccessful. We'll go through the Board Reports and Common Challenges. This is webinar 2/2 in the series in helping you understand how to do well on the 2020 CFE - with our Pass Guarantee.


11 January 2020, 1:00 PM

4.56 (9)

This 1 hour urgent webinar will cover:

  1. Board Report Comments from previous CFEs
  2. What the Appeals and PAR options are (are they worth it?) - From standpoint of CPA Canada marker.
  3. Discuss options for 2020 May and September CFE preparations
  4. What if I just failed Day 1? - We'll explain how to tackle individual day failures.
  5. Discuss the PrepFormula Pass Guarantee.

The webinar is an essential bridge to the new standards, using PrepFormula resources. PrepFormula is the largest, and most trusted CPA program in Canada with up to 50,000 site visits a month in 2015-2020.

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