2019 CFE including Capstone 1 and 2

If you’re writing the 2019 CFE in September, this is the one webinar you can’t miss. This webinar will cover how to maximize your time in Capstone 1, Capstone 2 and will provide direction and guidance on how to pass the 2019 CFE from the standpoint of a recent CPA Marker.


4 July 2019, 8:00 PM


The webinar will cover:

  • The purpose of Capstone 1 in preparing you for the Day 1 of the CFE and discuss best practices on how to pass using the Enabling Competencies framework.
  • Explain the major differences from legacy exams (CA, CGA and CMA) and prep materials used.
  • Highlight best practices and techniques used by students who passed the 2015 and 2016 CFE.
  • Provide useful tools and tricks to ensure you're always maximizing points using supplementary prep methods not discussed as part of CPA PEP for objective format questions and written cases.
  • Teach methods which can be used to identify personal weaknesses and strengths when writing cases.

Presented By: Mike Katsevman, CPA, CA, LPA. Mike is the Course Director at PrepFormula. Mike has experience as a CPA Marker for CPA Canada, and an alumni of EY and the Auditor General’s Office.

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