From Capstone 1 to CFE Day 1

CFE Day 1 Review: 10 Things To Do To Pass CFE Day 1:  We will go through the differences between Capstone 1 and CFE Day 1 to better prepare candidates for Day 1 of the 2019 CFE. Examples of previous CFE Day 1 Questions will be used. MUST WATCH FOR CFE DAY 1 WRITERS!


25 May 2019, 1:00 PM

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Remember: The CFE Day 1 portion is separate from the rest of the 2019 CFE. Let's discuss the unique characteristics and show examples of how to pass the CFE Day 1 portion of the 2019 CFE. We'll discuss previous CFE Day 1 cases, along with examples of how to perfect the Case Writing Best Practices using the CPA Canada Enabling Competencies.

Experience from a CFE Day 1 Marker and the PrepFormula Team!

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