Corporate Finance Review

Introducing, the CPA PEP Finance Review – 6 of the most commonly tested Finance competency topics tested on the CPA PEP Core and Elective Modules and the 2019 CFEYou’ll receive advice on how to pass the Finance components from a Corporate Finance Expert


23 April 2019, 8:00 PM

4 (8)

This review will cover the following Finance topics:

  1. Financial Analysis Basics (Proposals and Financial state Evaluations)
  2. Treasury Management (Cash Flow, Working Capital, WAAC, Financing)
  3. Capital Budgeting (Purchase decisions)
  4. Valuation (Methods for Valuations)
  5. Financial Risk Management (Risk Management, Basic Derivatives)
  6. Corporate Finance (Purchase, Expansion or Sale of Business)

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The Corporate Finance Review webinar will help you build your confidence and improve your performance on the 2019-2020 CPA PEP Module Exams and the 2019-2020 CFE, or your money back.

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