Webinar: CPA PEP and CFE Strategies For Passing

If you're writing any CPA PEP exam or the CFE, this is perfect webinar to help you understand the tricks to pass. This webinar is in response to a request for strategies on how to do well in CPA PEP and CFE exams/cases along with examples. This is designed to save you hundreds of hours of preparation.


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This webinar is being run by a professional marker and course director at PrepFormula:

The purpose of the webinar includes to discuss strategies on how to tackle MCQs and cases for CPA PEP, along with how to structure and prepare for all 3 days of the CFE. It's highly recommended for any CPA PEP and CFE writer across Canada.  The webinar will be recorded for replay if you're unable to view live.

During the webinar, we will:

  • Explain the tricks to getting faster at MCQs including which competency areas to avoid, and how to get out of large quants.
  • Highlight schedules that are effective and cover specific competnecy areas and topics likely to be tested including specific review of content and what to focus on to pass, the first time. Across both CPA PEP and CFE (All 3 days).
  • Discuss the new structure of CPA PEP modules and explain the tricks of the new process and what to watch out for. 
  • Explain how to get started for people who are new to case writing and don't know how to write under time constraint.
  • Highlight what to do if it's not your first time in the process by explaining what went wrong.

Presented By: Mike Katsevman, CPA, CA, LPA. Mike is the Course Director at PrepFormula. Mike has experience as a CPA Marker for CPA Canada, and a Big 4 Alumni.

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