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Designed by Canadian CPAs with Professional Marking Experience

The Full Package includes access for Core 1, Core 2, Two Electives, and CFE Prep (including Capstones).

Pass Guarantee: You are granted on-going access until you become a CPA. 

PrepFormula is the largest CPA Review program in Canada 6th year running.

Efficient Learning Personalized Prep Based on CPA Canada Competency Map

As the largest, and most visited CPA review program in Canada - we're here to help you pass. Our case writing methodology  (RODAC) is centered on a balance of strategic (e.g. such as time management, ranking, rating), written (e.g. sentence structure, depth, breadth, concise messaging) and technical (e.g. in-depth knowledge of technical criteria in all competency areas) weaknesses. We cover all of CPA Canada's Technical Competency areas and Enabling Competency areas.

Our complete CPA PEP Full Package Program (Core One and Core Two Module, Two Electives and the 2024/2025 CFE) provides access to hundreds of technical videos and written content across all Core and Elective technical areas in accordance with the CPA Canada Competency Map.

Trusted by more than 5,000 practicing CPAs since 2015. You will receive one-on-one attention from the time you finish all 4 modules successfully and the CFE. You will receive indefinite access to our courses until you pass all 5 exams. All course fees are deductible for income tax purposes.

Start Now, Learn One-on-One

Our course provides all the necessary technical, strategic and written considerations – you’ll be ready to attack the CPA PEP Core One and Core Two Modules, Elective exams and the 2024-2024 CFE.

This course is online based and available 24/7. Just because our course is online, doesn’t mean you’ll be working alone; a CPA Mentor will be assigned to help you discover and address existing technical, strategic and written weaknesses.

We offer the support of your own personal mentor, who is able to mark PrepFormula exam-ready simulations cases and work with you (in person, by Skype or phone) to help provide valuable advice on how to improve your technique and suggest personalized strategies that help you pass. 

All students receive full course materials (course materials + multiple choice questions + CPA PEP CFE written cases), will be assigned a dedicated trainer who will mark CPA PEP written cases AND meet to enhance your learning experience. All dedicated trainers are qualified Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) with professional marking experience.

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The PrepFormula Full Package includes the following items:

The Full Package is 50% cheaper than standalone Module course fees.

CPA Core 1 Prep

Start off Core 1 Prep by writing a PrepFormula Mock Exam, designed to mimic the real exam by following the CPA Canada Competency Map. We'll pair you with a Mentor and provide an accurate assessment of your individual weaknesses. The primary focus of this Module is Financial Reporting.

CPA Core 2 Prep

Core 2 builds on the difficulty of Core 1, and requires you to focus on Management Accounting. The key to this Modules is excelling at short answer and multiple choice questions related to concepts such as process costing. Case writing is also crucial for Core 2.

Audit & Assurance Elective Prep (Or PM)

The Assurance Elective begins with an assessment of writing by your Mentor. Case writing is crucial for passing this Module. Reach out to your Mentor to start practicing case writing and make sure you figure out your unique weaknesses by learning one-on-one. Performance Management Prep can be substituted.

Taxation Elective Prep (or Finance)

The Taxation Elective Module begins focuses on the case writing aspect of Canadian Income Taxation. By working with your Mentor, one-on-one, you'll be able to improve on your tax technical and writing skills where you need it most. Reach out to us for help with complex tax questions. Finance Elective can be substituted.

2024 or 2025 CFE Prep

Start off the Integrative Capstone (Capstone 1) right by having your group case marked and assessed by your Mentor. We'll then produce a custom study schedule for you to follow, taking into account the Capstone 2 requirements to follow during the duration of the 6-8 weeks before the Common Final Examination (CFE).

Practice your case writing by working on the strategic aspects of your approach, the formatting of your assessment opportunities and the technical depth of your case responses. Your individual mentor will be a CPA with professional marking experience who will be able to suggest individual improvements to help you score in a higher decile and pass the CFE across all 3 days. We provide a really strong focus on CPA Canada Competency Technical Areas and Enabling Competencies.

CPA Competency Map Topics Covered: (Included But Not Limited To):

Financial Reporting (ASPE and IFRS)

  • Future Income Taxes
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Foreign Currency
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Disposal of Long-lived assets
  • Non-Monetary Transactions
  • Asset Retirement Obligation
  • Employee Future Benefits
  • Borrowing Costs
  • Revenue Recognition (IFRS 15)
  • Agriculture
  • Investment Properties
  • Financial Instruments
  • Business Combinations
  • Leases (IFRS 16)
  • Discontinued Operations and many more…

Audit and Assurance

  • IT Controls
  • CAS Standards Integrated
  • Audit Planning and Strategy
  • Audit Reports, Including Special Reports
  • Review and Compilation Engagements
  • Professional Ethics and Legal Liability
  • Assurance Services Not Specifically Addressed in the CPA Handbook
  • Internal Control Systems and many more…


  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Capital Investment Decisions
  • Business Valuations
  • Working Capital Management
  • Financing Options
  • Analysis of Entity’s Insurance Requirements
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Financial Leverage and Risk Management
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Capital Markets
  • Discounted Cash Flows and many more…

Management Accounting

  • IT Systems
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Management Control Systems
  • Costing Systems & Budgeting
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Break Even Analyses and many more…


  • Personal Taxation
  • Corporate Taxation and more…

Strategy and Governance

  • Risk Management
  • Performance Objectives
  • Change Management
  • Management by Objectives
  • Management Decision Models and many more…

Full Package | Personalized Course Content:

Professionally Double Marked Cases and CPA Simulations

Get confidence by understanding how professional markers think by having your cases marked by a CPA with professional marking experience.

You can pick the case, or you can ask us to suggest.

One-to-One Coaching Sessions, Unlimited Chat and EMail Help

Improve your writing and technical by working together with a professional marker (mentor). Every professional marker is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with professional marking experience.

1,200+ Multiple Choice Questions By Competency Area

Practice using Multiple Choice Questions and Objective Format Questions that mimic the CPA PEP Module Exams. You'll have access to detailed answers and will be able to share your results with your Mentor.

Custom Schedule For Each Core, Elective Course and CFE

One place to keep track of all marks across all practice cases you write, multiple choice scores, one-to-one meetings and technical content.

Your Mentor will prepare a custom schedule based on a mock-exam you'll be expected to write when you join the Program.

Study On Any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

We know you're busy. We also know you want to want to access content whenever you need it most. Download our apps and stay connected.

60+ Practice Mock Exams

Use our Mock Case Exams, Marking Guides and Detailed Video Debriefing Materials to pass the first time around. Practice using PrepFormula's Industry Leading Materials

Eligible For Education Tax Credit (T2202)

PrepFormula is certified as a Designated Post-Secondary Educational Institution.

Students can a credit based on the fees paid for a PrepFormula course.

If a student is unable to use all or a portion of these credits, he/she can transfer to an eligible person.

350+ Videos, Notes and Classes

Study efficiently by focusing on the most tested sections across the CPA Competency Map based on the past decade of professional exams. Watch 350+ Technical Video and Weekly Live Classes Across all six (6) Competency Areas.

We also provide printable study notes across all of the most tested topics. Students challenging the exams can use these materials without requiring any additional textbooks, or other study materials.

Full Package Course Offer Details:

Try out the Full Package for 24-Hours Risk Free*

  • Hundreds of online video lessons across all competency areas in the CPA Competency Map and which also includes case writing are available to you throughout the course
  • Written Detailed Technical Summaries and Concise Technical Study Guide
  • Hundreds of Multiple Choice questions organized by core competency areas
  • Practice cases along with detailed marking guides (future: Video Marking Guides) and full solutions
  • Free indefinite access to all course materials until you pass.
  • Free content upgrades.
  • All course fees are deductible for income tax purposes.
  • Access from any computer, tablet or smartphone;
  • Unlimited free e-mail and SMS inquiries for technical questions for those late night cram sessions;
  • Personalized custom study plan based on your unique weaknesses and strengths;
  • A trained stress counselor is available for e-mail consultation as part of our program;

Prep Package

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  • Dedicated CPA Marker Mentor
  • Interactive Technical Videos
  • All Practice Cases + Answers
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Flexible Prep Credit System
  • Customized Schedule
  • 12 Credits for One-on-One Session Debriefing Session and Mock Exam Cases Marked
  • Unlimited E-Mail/Chat Support
  • Education Tax Credit T2202a Provided
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Course Fees

Prep Package: Live Learning + Basic One-on-One

You'll get full access to our interactive technical videos and webinars, PrepFormula practice cases for the Module and practice Multiple Choice Questions. In addition to this, we'll pair you with a Dedicated CPA Marker to help supplement your knowledge. You'll receive Flexible Prep Credits which are useful for one-on-one sessions with a professional marker or professionally marked cases. PrepFormula is a designated post-secondary educational institution that offers Education Tax credits (T2202a) for all course fees paid.

PrepPlus Package: Live Learning + In-Depth One-on-One + Pass Guarantee

In addition to the Prep Package listed above, you'll get additional Flexible Prep Credits which are useful for one-on-one sessions or professionally marked practice cases, we'll provide unlimited e-mail and text support and on-going access for life until you pass.

Both options include:

Active progress monitoring through a custom built daily schedule and exam-ready practice materials specifically designed to mimic the CPA PEP Module exams.

Interest-Free Installment Payments

Although the course starts immediately as soon as you sign up if you’re unable to pay the full balance immediately for any reason, we offer interest-free installment payments.

Call us: 1-888-987-0858, or Email us: support@prepformula.com if you have any questions.

It’s 100% risk-free*! If you cancel within 24 hours and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked*.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between each package and the separate courses you offer?

Individual CPA Module Courses:

If buying each individual package separately, you can choose from the Prep or PrepPlus options. For each package, we offer an option to buy the Full Materials with limited one-on-one guidance (which includes: Video Technical Lectures across all 6 competency areas, summarized printable study notes, practice mock case examinations, and multiple choice/objective format quizzes), or the PrepPlus package (which includes: Full Materials, one-to-one coaching sessions, test case process, double marked practice cases, custom schedule and free access until you pass the exam) which includes more one-on-one guidance.

Four Modules Package:

Purchase any 4 Prep or 4 PrepPlus courses (Core and Elective only) and get a 40% discount compared to standalone value. 

Full Package (Complete Program):

You can also choose to purchase the Four Modules Package and CFE Prep and save 50% off our standlone fees.

Questions? Call: 1-888-987-0858

What happens if I go over my case marking or one-to-one coaching limit?

We'll let you know in advance when you're on pace to exceed your preset one-to-one coaching session and/or the marked case limits. You'll continue to have access to all of our Full Materials and will have a chance of upgrading on a-la-carte basis for a low rate.

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