Complete Assurance Review

Even if you don't work in public accounting, you can do well in Assurance. This webinar focuses on the 5 Most Tested Areas of Audit/Assurance as part of Core 1, or the Assurance Elective or 2024 CFE Assurance Elective role. It's a must watch for those in Audit and Assurance


30 July 2024, 8:00 PM

Webinar Description:

This review will cover the following Audit and Assurance topics:

1. Basic Assurance Technical (Planning, Fraud, Evidence Gathering)

2. Audit Planning Memos (Risks, Approach, Materiality)

3. Audit and Review Level Procedures (Including Assertions)

4. Internal Controls (Control Environment and IT Controls)

5. Special Reports and Engagements

Materials Provided. Free For PrepFormula Students*, $75 For Non-PrepFormula CPA Candidates.

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