In Depth: Contingent Assets and Liabilities

Introducing, the CPA PEP ASPE/IFRS Financial Reporting Contingent Asset and Liabilities Review – covering the most tested Financial Reporting competency topic: Contingencies and Provisions. Full Webinar + Note Package Provided.


15 June 2021, 8:00 PM

4.57 (7)

Let's discuss Accounting for Contingent Assets, Liabilities and Provisions from the standpoint of ASPE and IFRS. We'll also show examples from cases and scenarios used in case writing help apply various case examples. A must watch for CPA Candidates.

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The Contingent Assets, Liabilities and Provisions ASPE/IFRS Standards Review webinar will help you build your confidence and improve your performance on the 2021 CPA Module Exams and the 2021 CFE, or your money back.

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